Saturday, February 9, 2013

Catching up, part 2

January 30: Appointment with Doctor in Manhattan. Boarded our train and after a few stops they said there were wires on the track at Mineola so our train got suspended. We stopped in Hickville to board another train to go backwards to Babylon and boarded another train to go to the city. Finally made it into Penn Station and had to hop on the subway to get to my Dr. appointment which is 40 blocks away!  

Made it to the doctors and stopped to grab a bite to eat. We sat on a bench outside a Coronado's Bakery on Lexington Ave and that's when I saw that the sky was so blue. So I started snapping away. That's where I got the next 2 photos. I love taking pictures of architecture! Wish I had more time in the city to snap more. I had a whole itinerary lined up on where I was going to go. 

This photo was chosen for the cover page of Citifari's (a New York City photo tour company) as photo of the month!!!  Was very excited!

So, now we're rushing back to Penn Station to see if our train is going to still be suspended and we're in the 68th Street Station. I start taking pictures and I come to find out later that Caitlin, my niece, saw us standing on the platform on the other side!!!!! She had texted her mom and told her that she just saw us!! 

 Somewhere in this subway train!! In the 68th Street Subway Station!!! 
And I took a picture of it!! How weird is that?????

And Dick asked me, "Why are you taking pictures in a subway station?" Answer- I take pictures of anything!!!! What's the matter with him??? 

Typical Manhattan traffic. Loved the yellow pop!
Hopefully, I will get back soon to take more photos. Can't wait!

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