Sunday, February 1, 2015

Modern Log Cabin Quilt

I bought this book because I loved the quilt on the front. So I started it yesterday and I really am enjoying the pattern. Never made a log cabin before. Well, I did, a long long time ago! Maybe like 25 years ago when I took a class. Who remembers!!
Photos are not that clear as I used my iPhone. Was too lazy to grab my good camera. Next time!

Anyway, it starts out like this with white 2 1/2 inch center and contrast color 2 1/2 inch strips. And
1 1/2 inch white border strips.

And you chain stitch......

Don't forget to spray a little starch on it. I use Best Press. It has all different scents. I use the lavender scent. Love!

Make sure you even out the edges with a rotary cutter.

After you do four of them, you end up with this!

Five are done! Just making a baby quilt so maybe I have to do about 20? Not sure. See how it goes.

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