Monday, March 25, 2013


Florida Vacation! 

March 5. First stop Sarasota. Stayed at my sister Eileen's. We went to quilting and fabric stores. Started sewing a blanket for a girl at work who is having her first grandchild. 
My sister Lulu (Lucy) came for the weekend and we camped out in Eileen's studio apartment. We had the best time!!! 
Had good visits with my mom and took her out to Breakfast on Saturday. 

Sister Lulu

At the beach with Lulu and Eileen. As you can see Eileen was freezing! It was perfect for me and Lulu.

Amish people actually go to the beach! And guess what. They wear bathing suits too! Who knew!

Mark (Lulu's husband) and Shaun (their son) met us at the beach on Friday.

After the beach we went to my brother Tim's for a barbecue. His son, Nick and daughter, Lorena.

Me, Lulu, Tim, Peggy and Eileen

Tim and his wife Flor.

On Sunday me and Eileen picked up Dick at the airport and saw my mom. Then we headed to Disney for 8 days!!

We belong to the Disney Vacation Club and always stay at Saratoga Springs. We love it there. It's right next to Downtown Disney with all the entertainment, restaurants and shops.

This is my view while sitting on my patio. Downtown Disney is across the way. And crazy people are in hot air balloons!!!

 Seaworld. The biggest walrus ever!

Crowds at Disney! Thank God we were on our way out!

 Continues all the way to the castle!

Conclusion: Best vacation ever!!

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