Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finished three of my knitting projects this week. So happy to be done and they came out really nice. 

This is the Skywalker Lace Shawl I made from a class I downloaded from Craftsy .com
You can go back to any section and even write notes and bookmark places too. She took me step by step and had a lot of great tips too.  It was very challenging but a lot of fun!

Annabel Cardigan from Quince and Co. Love the pattern, very easy and mindless knitting.  Their website has really nice patterns. I'm going to try their yarn one of these days. I made this cardigan with Lion Brand Wool Ease. I had a bunch in my stash and needed to use it. I bet the Quince and Co. yarn would be super! 

Another Easy Poncho can be worn two ways. I like both ways but I'm not sure about the neck opening.  I have the directions on my Ravelry page. You knit 2 rectangles and then sew them together. What could be easier!

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