Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Days Off!

I have a few days off this week. My plan is to organize the house. Maybe tackle the basement. It's starting to look like a grandmother's basement. Stuff just thrown down to make room in the other sections of the house. Not sure I have enough time though. I really want to get to the den and the kitchen first. Maybe I'll just move some stuff around in the basement so it's looks a little neater for now and then I can tackle it when I'm off at the end of the month. Anyway.......

I really want to get some serious knitting done and would like to finish my Annabel Cardigan.

Annabel Cardigan is a simple garter stitch pattern. I love it! Very mindless when watching TV.  I'm using Vanna's Choice from Lion Brand Yarn in the chocolate color of course. Chocolate being my favorite so the choice was mindless, really.  It's a worsted weight yarn. The buttonhole directions are very simple but don't look too good. I'll have to see how they hold up. I think I might have to reinforce it a little.
There is also a pullover pattern for this that I might do in the fall.

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