Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Paddy's Day! (One day late)

I made Irish Soda Bread for the first time. I used Ina Garten's recipe. I printed it from the Food Network website. The directions had said that the batter would be wet and I couldn't understand why mine wasn't! Then I looked at the recipe and realized that I forgot the darn baking soda. Of course, I had put it in the oven about 15 minutes ago! So I had to throw it out and start over again. But I must have added more flour because the next batter was a lot wetter and stickier like the recipe said. Anyway, it came out pretty good. I'm not really a fan of Irish Soda Bread. It's not sweet enough for me. So I made cupcakes after that. I'll bring it to work tomorrow and everyone will gobble it up. I'll give it 15 minutes!

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