Saturday, January 28, 2012

Low light photography

I'm experimenting with low light photography right now. I've done it before but I really need to hone it a little bit. Getting a tack sharp picture takes a lot of adjustments with the camera. On these two pictures I took them around 6:00 am. The house was dark except I had the TV on while I was taking the picture. I realize now that I probably should have turned off the TV.  With both photos I used Shutter Priority and and set the ISO to 200 and set up my tripod. I'm thinking that the lower the ISO the less noise in the photos. I settled on 5 seconds with the bible and 3 seconds with the candle and page photo. I also should have used my remote shutter release. I think that would have made the photos a little sharper. 
Tomorrow morning I will try it again and see if it comes out a little different. I'll use my remote shutter release and turn off my TV!!

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