Friday, July 22, 2011

American Picker's

My favorite show this summer is "American Pickers" on the History Channel. (and Lifetime too) I love Frank and Mike! They really crack me up sometimes. They've been best friends since the 8th grade. I never realized old oil cans were a collectors item. I would love to go hunting through all those old barns and find treasures that would be worth a fortune. Dick would love that! He's always trying to sell off my stuff thinking it's worth something. Of course, it's never worth crap. The owners of these barns have so much stuff in them you almost need a shovel to get to them. It's absolutely amazing the stuff they find. Once they found a big wad of cash that was wrapped in a cloth 30 years ago!
Maybe when I retire I'll drive across the country and hit all those old barns. I wonder if they have their addresses written down anywhere and maybe they'll let me see their list. Not!  I'm sure the owners would not appreciate it if one day hundreds of people showed up at their houses. But I'm going to check into that just in case.
I love the old signs and the bicycles they find. Mike is partial to bikes and Frank loves the oil cans. But the old cars are the best! I have a secret love of going to the classic cars shows. I'm always searching on the internet for my 1970's Volkswagen Beetle convertible. Still can't decide if I want a white one or a red with a black top. Dick says the white one is nicer looking. (See picture in previous post) I found a nice white one for $10,000.00. Of course in this heat (we're experiencing a heat wave at the moment) with no AC it would be sitting in the driveway today. I forgot to tell Dick that he'll have to build a garage for it. I'll spring it on him when I get my bug!

Anyway, check out the show. I'm obsessed with it!

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