Monday, November 1, 2010

My new Project

Irish Hiking Ear Warmers. Easy quick project with chunky yarn. I'm just using Lion Brand Chunky. Bought it at the Five and Dime in Sag Harbor. Also started a cowl. Will post when I'm father along. Still have 5 other WIP's. I'm in too deep!

Drove to Montauk yesterday looking for subjects for my Photog assignment. And you're not allowed to use that auto setting or any setting with a picture. Only settings with letters: M, P, A, or S. So I was very happy that they all came out! I only used the M(manuel) setting. Wish I had more time though, as I was going to a stitch n bitch at friends house. I should have left myself more time. My friend, Don Ball a local fisherman and my girlfriends husband, escorted me around the docks. Thanks again Don!

I wonder what they do with crikets! Is it a people snack or a fish snack???? I'll ask Don later. And what kind of snacks do they sell here????? I don't think I want to know.

Don's boat is the black and yellow one. Water was calm but it was windy out. I was surprised the pics came out so clear. I have no tripod and I have no VR (vibration reduction) on my camera or lens.

Wish they gave me just one!

Love the two different textures here.

I saw these sheep as I was coming home from Southampton on the back roads. I never noticed them before. It's across the street from that crazy looking house that looks like a barrel. I should have taken a picture of that too.

I like this brown one.

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