Sunday, May 23, 2010

My First Blog Posting

The Football Helmet
Well, this blog is suppose to be all about the knitting. So here is a little something I had to knit up quick before she has the baby. A girl at work, Christine, is having a baby in a month and the shower is this Tuesday at work. I had to find a little something to go along with the other gifts. I found this Football Hat in Susan B. Andersen's Itty-Bitty Hats. It's so cute!
Mother's Day Flowers These flowers are from Casey. Beautiful Roses! They smelled so good. They lasted a week so I'm glad I took a picture of them.
These are my Mother's Day Flowers from my son Richie. Aren't they beautiful. I love Geraniums. I had to keep them inside because the weather was too cold. I finally got them outside and the deer ate all the flower petals. I hate deer! So now they're on the deck. Deer can't walk up steps, can they? I'm hoping not!

Welcome to my blog!!

My first time blogging. How exciting! I hope I can keep it up every week. That's my goal at least.

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